Best of the North Island

Going through my photos the other day for my Top 10 NZ Photos post, I realized just how many photographs I have of New Zealand that I’ve never shared on this site. I visited so many amazing places, that trying to limit them to 10-15 really was a hard task, so I gave up and posted as many as I felt like! The photos here aren’t necessarily of my favourite places, but they are some of my favourite snaps that I took of the North Island.


Top 10 favourite New Zealand snapshots

North Island

When I first moved to New Zealand, I put down roots in Auckland as that’s where my friends lived. With a flat in Grey Lynn as my base, in between freelance web development jobs I explored Hawke’s Bay and Wellington. Later, after living on the South Island for the better part of a year, I returned to the North Island on my very own tiki tour that lead me to Rotorua, Kiwiburn (New Zealand’s regional Burning Man burn), the Coromandels, the Far North, and Raglan, where I finally learned to stand up on a surfboard a week before leaving the country (I really wish I’d gone there first!).


Help me pick my next trip!

I’m torn: do I go to Croatia and the Dalmation Coast, or, do I visit Portugal, the south of Spain, and Morocco? I have just over two weeks to play with around the end of September, a budget of around $2500-3000, and am travelling solo.