It’s pronounced “Pu-kay” Pub, thank you very much!

Posted on Oct 31, 2012 in New Zealand | 0 comments

I didnt know what to order, it all looked so good!

I didnt know what to order, it all looked so good!

When Katherine of Kapcha the World and I were on our ‘Epic Roadtrip is Epic’ roadtrip (no we didn’t really call it that but in hindsight we TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE) a few years back, the Puke Pub in Pukekura was one of the places we stopped to stretch our legs and grab a something to drink. If I remember right, this place was closed, which was a real disappointment as I totally would have ordered the Headlight Delight Pie

Since it was closed, we had to be happy with wandering around the parking lot which wasn’t that much of a loss as there were amazing psychedelic pink flowers to look at. Coming from North America, we just don’t see things like this in Canada outside of greenhouses or special displays. Finding them growing on the side of the road always tripped me out — to this day Im still looking for a way to grow a pohutukawa in my living room!

I wonder if the pub ever got their want ad filled?

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