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Unnecessary splurge of the day

Sales girl: I love this! Where are you going? Me: … nowhere? Not for a while, anyway. Sales girl: Why are you buying a luggage tag then? Me: I can hang it on my purse.

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That moment …

2014-03-04 19.32.38

… when you’re excited to finally finish a knit sock, and then are crushed to remember you have to kitchener stitch the damned toe. Surely I’m not the only one out there that hates grafting the toe together? I’ve left entire socks on the needles for months on end to avoid having to do this […]

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A sticky situation


I just found a maple syrup smudge on my Mac. #canadiangeekproblems — marmalade (@marmalade) February 13, 2014

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Supersquishy cabled toque


My big head was the reason I took up knitting. Not only am I blessed with a thick skull, I have a wealth of out-of-control hair that refuses to submit to normal women’s headwear so it’s frustratingly ironic that I have yet to knit myself a hat that fits. I found this pattern, Declan’s Hat, […]

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Stashbusting chevron scarf

chevronscarf (2)

I have a sock yarn problem: I have enough on hand to knit at least 15 pairs of socks, but somehow keep buying more skeins. I blame the gorgeous colours, so it really isn’t my fault. Case in point: even though I had vowed to not buy ANY more yarn (ha I almost wrote “wine”) […]

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