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Happy October!

Gorgeous Mount Washington

And bam! It’s fall: it’s 8am, and the skies are dark. It’s super gloomy outside, and I’m wondering if I need a jacket for this morning’s bike ride into work (which I really should get moving on — I don’t know why the inspiration to blog is striking just as I should be walking out […]

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Ugh. Monday. Don’t wanna.

Flopped out in the Colca Canyon, Peru

I don’t know what it is about today that has me so sluggish, but man, am I ever having a hard time getting going this morning. I was trying to think if I had any photos from my travels that suited my morning so far, and this one was the closest — which is a […]

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Island Bay

Island Bay, New Zealand

I’m missing the ocean today something fierce. This is Island Bay, in Wellington New Zealand. While it’s technically the Cook Strait (the bit of water that separates the North and South Island), it’s still the Pacific and I miss it.

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Somewhere in Iceland

I miss travelling so much; some days the desire to be away  can be overwhelming. To cope, I fire up Lightroom and play with my photos, applying new techniques and tricks for post-production to photos I once considered to be sub-par. Always shoot in RAW, my friends — it will give you pixels to play with […]

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