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Shots from a moving streetcar

In which I attempt candid street photography with my X-E2. I’ve never been very good at street photography. I love other people’s photographs, but I’ve always feel so timid and conspicuous with my Canon DSLR that I never really got the hang of it. With my Wee Beastie, as the X-E2 has been ceremoniously dubbed, […]

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Roncy blooms

The learning curve has been a little steeper than expected, coming off of my Canon xTi, but I think I’m slowly getting the hang of my X-E2. I went on a short ride along Roncesvalles Avenue today thinking to photograph the entire strip. Of the dozen or so shots that I took, this was the […]

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X-E2: soft release button

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Today in things I didn’t know I wanted but have decided that I need, a soft release button for my X-E2. I first came across these wee doodads while hunting through for accessories for my new camera. As I’ll be going to Denver in a few weeks, I’m doing an order from the American […]

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Toronto’s best kept patio secret

Tiki amongst the shrubbery

Any guesses where this is?

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X-E2 ♥

Hecho en España

I bought a new camera! I’ve sold my Canon XTI and brought home a Fuji X-E2 (now affectionately dubbed The Wee Beastie), and woah, am I ever in love. It’s so light and fast, and even though I’m still figuring out what the hell I’m doing, takes great photos. I did a bit of a […]

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