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Stashbusting chevron scarf

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I have a sock yarn problem: I have enough on hand to knit at least 15 pairs of socks, but somehow keep buying more skeins. I blame the gorgeous colours, so it really isn’t my fault. Case in point: even though I had vowed to not buy ANY more yarn (ha I almost wrote “wine”) until I’d knit down the stash, last Saturday found me at Romni Wool for a bit of après-bowling (which had been fueled by $4 caesars and beer) shopping. I came home with this:

I couldn't help myself.

I couldn’t help myself.

So now the new rule is, I must finish the one pair of socks I currently have on the go (it’s been at the heel of the second foot for about a month now), and knit at least one project from the stash yarn before I even think about casting on with the new yarn.

The scarf

Like my sock yarn collection, my Ravelry queue is also out of control. I’ve had the Chevron Scarf saved there for at least four years. Using the leftover Fleece Artist sock yarn from the wrist warmers I made last autumn, and a ball of leftover yarn from socks knit so long ago that they’ve grown holes and have been discarded, the other night I cast on for this beauty:

So pretty!

So pretty!

The pattern knits up super quickly, and the colour progression keeps me motivated to do “just one more row”. As Im hoping this will get nice and long, Ive decided to block it in sections every few days or so instead of trying to find somewhere long enough to do it when finished.

If you want to follow along with the project progression, here’s its Ravelry page.

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